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See better again

Whatever your eye trouble is, Dr. Hibler can handle it. With his extensive residency training, plus staying ahead of the curve in advances in care, you will see better again.

Find hidden problems

Chances are you’re coming to us because you notice you don’t see as well as you used to. While visual acuity is one reason we check your eyes, we also thoroughly examine them inside (the retina for example) and check for dangerous pressure in the eyeball or vascular disease (glaucoma). Monitoring the retina is especially important for diabetics; clumps of blood vessels in the retina can blind you. We will troubleshoot and treat your eyes with the best care possible.

LASIK: Maybe you won’t need lenses anymore!

Laser vision correction’s been around for some time now, and for many people it’s the end of glasses or contacts; clear vision sometimes for the first time. The specialist we will refer you to uses a laser to reshape your cornea below the surface. There’s hardly any discomfort and many people report seeing much better as soon as 1 or 2 days after surgery. Better still, your vision WILL keep greatly improving even months after! But LASIK isn’t for everyone. Have us examine you to tell you if it is.

Stop eye disease before it stops you

Many people get cataracts as they grow older. The eye’s natural lens clouds up. But that doesn’t mean removing the lenses and wearing thick glasses anymore. With today’s advances in care, Dr. Hibler will detect the problem and refer you to an excellent cataract surgeon.

Glaucoma is a stealth thief of vision: it often has no symptoms! Make an appointment with us and we will find out if pressure or vascular disease is threatening your eyesight this way.

Diabetic? Then schedule your yearly dilated retinal exam with us. If we find excess blood vessels, we’ll refer you to a board-certified retinal specialist.

Low vision? We can still help you!

If you have partial vision loss, we have a full range of products to help you best use the sight you still have, from magnifying lenses to closed-circuit TV systems. Plus we’ll refer you to services that will help you further.

Vision therapy: Help your hand-eye coordination

If you have trouble with the brain processing what you see and your muscles following, we offer vision therapy to help you improve.

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